Animal kingdom

We often treat daily a number of animals without seeing them for coat and skin conditions
and possible more often internally balancing using herbal remedies made up to correct the reason why there are those particular set of condition .
I generally treat animals condition using  formulation that are similar to treating humans 
I make up specific formula's for each individual animal either  a cream or a liquid herbal formula based on  the infomation from the owner obtained  either from  in the store or from my email .

General supplements

Joint Restore 120 caps size

Some congestive conditions ,particularly with Labradors that often have general stiffness after sleeping or being in water using a Glucosamine and green lip mussel formula one tablet daily according to body weight .


We have been dealing with you about our dog's (golden retriever) seizures. She has been taking your calcium/mag tablets for quite a while now and they were doing a great job. 3 or 4 months ago they crept back so we started giving her two a day, however this last week she has had another couple of seizures. Is there anything else you can do for her or should we be taking her to the vet?

Yes we will use B salts only required when and after it happens  thy should settle back down again and stop .

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