#Stress and nervous recommendations

Feelings, Emotional, Creative,and Self Challenging,  people need to feel comfortable in there own skin.

So what is stress anyway? It is naturally any number of things that are able to set off the flight or fight reaction by something that rocks your boat, and therefore sets off the adrenalin reaction. It's not what happens to you but how your body reacts to these challenges when it does.
So what to do when that happens.

1] You need to keep in mind that your body has a high octane fuel running around, so it firstly needs to be burnt off. Sitting still and trying to calm yourself is naturally of no real use, you need to burn the energy somehow. Beating something or someone is not really the option we are looking for. Try a brisk walk - maybe running or chopping wood, or if you're lucky, making love, they will all generally burn it off. Just take your pick of what is available and you will quickly return to normal, whatever that may be.Then you may look to meditate and get good success .go to the meditation page

In most cases people that smoke pipes and Cigarettes, need to drink alcohol, or use drugs, are people that generally pick up information using their feelings and often have difficulty with being relaxed, particularly in strangers company. Those people looking to give up or reduce any of these aids we recommend try using this formula for a week before doing so.

If you say that most of the time you are not comfortable with how you feel and often over-react to comments, or feel tired and grumpy. This often may  mean that the nervous system is under nourished and may need a good feed of the right ingredients regularly with the ones that should balance you.
But do use this regularly if you are looking to get the most out of your life .

The difficulty is that the nutrition that the system requires is water soluble and therefore breaks down quickly and is passed in your urine, actually within four hours, and less if drinking a lot of fluid or if emotionally challenged. Even excessive amounts of water will cut down the holding time, as will alcohol, coffee and tea even more quickly as these are diuretics.
So you will in fact have less of the main ingredients your systems requires to stay balanced and the goodies will be down the loo.

But this is not just a vitamin B and C formula.
As it is a minimum two a day formula recommendation  there is just enough of all vitamins, minerals and herbs to last that amount of time, leaving us a lot of space to use other vital nerve ingredients , amino acids, and herbal relaxants - allowing us to stay focused and balanced.

Hang overs generally  are a vitamin B and C deficiency and dehydration, so sips of water often is the key. This does not drown your body, in fact the people that have drinking bottles with them all the time are doing it correctly - small and often.
So how do we add balance to the nerves on a regular basis.it is all in this our Stress B complex formula

[1] Stress B Complex one at breakfast, one at lunch. It needs to be at least twice daily due to the four hour or less life of any stress formula. 2 to 3 daily, but one at a time, and not at night. If you are having sleep difficulties, cramp, or headaches the next formula maybe  required.

[2] Calcium Magnesium Complex, tabs or Powder, depending on age and the ability to swallow pills taken. at night 

A Relax /Sleep herbal drops 100ml from the shop maybe used between times if required or at bedtime and during the night as required 

Stress B Nerve nutritional Contents

Ingredients of three tablet
Niacinamide 50mg,l-Glutamine 100mg,Calcium pantothenate 100 mg B6 50 mg, B120 mg B2 15mg inositol 15mg,.Choline 15 mg folic acid 300 mcg.biotin 100mcg,paba,10mg,magnesium 100mg Calcium 50mg,potassium50mg,Zinc10 mgchromium150mcg, licorice root1500mg, ginseg 500mg,passiflora300mg,vervain 300mg,vitc 200mg grapeseed50mgtableting aid breakfast and lunch 2-3 daily

give your life a lift get out of the rut

#Relax Sleep Drops

Maybe used for difficult moments during the day
Night Use
Take the drops half an hour before bed and then take them to bed with you, using them them the moment you wake up,but when it is not yet time for you to do so
Non addictive, but not recommended for pregnancy or breast feeding

We Recommened Calcium Magnesium Complex at night to continue the Balance

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