stress help undrstanding


1] You need to keep in mind that your body has a high octane fuel running around, so it firstly needs to be burnt off. Sitting still and trying to calm yourself is naturally of no real use, you need to burn the energy somehow. Beating something or someone is not really the option we are looking for. Try a brisk walk - maybe running or chopping wood, or if you're lucky, making love, they will all generally burn it off. Just take your pick of what is available and you will quickly return to more normal state , whatever that may be then you will be able to put into your body what you use to do what you do in the day to balance your nervous system on a regular bases to avoid lack of balance . .

 Stress help  B Complex one at breakfast, one at lunch. It needs to be at least twice daily as it is water soluble and has a 4/5  hour or less life . 2 to 3 daily is required , but one at a time,  best  not at night. as you will be using the energy created .



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