Hi roy,

Kate here. :)
I felt complete frustration and a mega dose of despair.
"I can't make it", I thought.
When you're in discord with your surroundings, you feel it.

Think of when you're wearing a tight pair of shoes,
or dress clothes that are restrictive...

You can absolutely feel where your body wants to be free,
and where that just isn't happening - until you can get home
and get into comfy clothes.

You notice the tension, the tightness, the restriction…
It's in your field of awareness the entire time.
When you're feeling the friction between you and anything you have two choices -

Live with the annoying friction (this would be the "suck it up" mentality).


Change yourself and/or change the thing you're in discord with.

So there I was, feeling the discord between
me and my surroundings,
experiencing friction every which way I turned.

I could either go back home to Utah,
or I could stay here in Colombia, figure out the friction points,
and iron them out.

You can either change the thing, or you can change yourself.
If you can't change the thing, well... you're left with one choice.
I chose to stay and figure out the friction points.

This only happened because I was willing to look at the problem full-frontal,
analyze what I could change, and
accept what I couldn't.

And it didn't happen overnight. Weeks went by beforeI started feeling a difference.
(gee, that sounds familiar, sort of like how every single
fitness and health goal happens, huh?) ;)

If you're feeling the friction, change yourself or change the thing.
I've got three tools to help you reduce the frictionin a few key areas of your life…
If you're feeling tension in your feet aching inside your shoes, maybe even aching when you're barefoot you'll want to learn about shoes, your feet, and how to change them both
by reading this recent post, Take Your Shoes Off.

If you're feeling tension in your hands, wrists, arms, or neck aching from using mobile devices and computers for much of your day, you'll want to learn about
better ways to text, and use your computer,
by reading this recent post, How To Make Texting Better For Your Body.
And if you're feeling tension inside your Self,
like some part of you is struggling -
whether in work, relationships, or just in general
you'll want to learn about
self-esteem and all the factors that affect it,
by reading a book I just finished reading myself, The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem.

If you're feeling friction anywhere in your life…
You can "suck it up" (no thank you), change your surroundings (ah, freedom!), or you can change your Self (tough, and valuable work).

xo Kate



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