what Diet do I use

What Diet do I use

What Diet to use  

Firstly, the most important thing to remember is that it should Always be based on your ability to breakdown and use what it is you're going to eat, remembering if I [my body] while doing so doesn't like it, why am I trying too. 

If I'm not hungry don't eat  

 Then I need to balance MY input to match roughly to my output of activity and remembering who I am and what's needed to balance me with What Diet I use to be able to get the results I'm looking for, and have better stable energy levels  

Simple answer is to go back to eating NATURALLY usually for me This will not include  

Margarine, most cereals, low fat anything, sugar free, most milk unless, as is from the animal organic not homogenized but I don't ever have a drink of it as its not required by humans after being breast feed, ice cream, MSG, white anything unless in its natural state and has had nothing added or taken out of it to make it white,  

Anything made from modern wheat, soya,  

all or most of the altered states of natural foods will affect the DNA making the body unable to process it in the normal way and the body will store it on itself as irregular tissue or fat  

Do I deviate from this? certainly but that will be depended on how strong I feel or if I'm about to do an irregular mini fast, other than this I don't as it will only lower my level further. FASTING Personally, Emptying the dustbin completely once, a works for me maybe twice a week if   I have been inactive, and if   I am thinking that I am not enjoying my food it is naturally a good time for it. possibly adding digestive enzymes with the main meal to speed up digestion particularly in winter when we tend to eat mostly cooked food as these have no enzymes in it.   

Intermittent fasting Days  

On my first day for breakfast  

 I do a good porridge or brown rice, or mixed, depending on the body heat needed. 

followed by Some of Diane's Spelt flour bread with a nut butter or manuka honey.    

Lunch a good Natural meat /fish and three times as. much vegetables no starches. Miss night meal and breakfast the next day drinking a reasonable amount of water, herb or black tea while empty the next morning, restarting eating at lunchtime, this will give me a 24-hour break between meals to empty the dustbin out. Repeat once or twice weekly depending on your output of energy being physically used or if you wish to weight balance. but I don't recommend more than twice weekly as we are looking at a reasonably regular paten of eating. 

But do allow yourselves to Dine out at your favorite spots at a lunchtime before clean up. 

Natural untreated oils to use are extra virgin olive oil and good quality coconut oil, for cooking or putting on your food. 

I Don't recommend any others as overheating is used to extract the oil .and they are all omega six oils and as our diet is too high in omega 6 already it will create inflammation. As we are unable to break it down any unnatural products in the body tend to store it as unnatural fat that is very difficult to remove due to its nature, or it will course disruptions to bowl health on the way out if it tries to pass it .so be selective and stick to natural products  

Each person has a slightly different ability to break down certain foods but most that have a list of labeled allergies are generally reacting to over use of unnatural products producing rejection and hypoactivity. Remember to use only the supplements that balance who you are regularly and the others for a short-term correction and stop when it has. these general basic things will stop the rebound effect if you are having difficulty balancing your bodies weight. 

 talk to us about more detailed recommendations, using texts, messenger, or Contact Us as we only have a limited time with each client in the shop, 

 if you would like to have more on these subjects just add the information in the comments below   


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