Discussion on getting well

It's this: the "little things" matter. A lot.

When I first got sick, I was looking for "the answer"—that special diet, or supplement, or even medication that would restore me back to health. I wanted to find that one thing that would have the biggest possible impact.

I've also seen this in many of the patients I work with in my practice. It's natural. We get sick, we want to get well, and we're looking for the shortest path back.

The problem is that it rarely works this way. Illness is complex, and in most cases takes years to develop. And in my experience, while we might occasionally find that "one big thing" that catapults us back to health, more often it's a combination of "little things" that makes the difference.

What do I mean by little things?
  • Committing to just 5 minutes of meditation a day.
  • Scheduling a regular hiking date with a friend.
  • Adding a few more "Paleo-friendly" carbohydrates to your diet.
  • Starting a gratitude journal.
  • Bicycling to work three days a week instead of driving.
  • Doing qigong or yoga twice a week.
None of these are huge changes on their own. In fact, they may seem so insignificant that they couldn't possibly make much of a difference—and that's exactly what stops many of us from doing them, or sticking with them.

But here's the key: when you put them all together, they can have a massive impact. They can even make the difference between health and disease.

Over the years, people have often asked "What was it that made the difference for you? What brought you back to health?"

There's no simple answer. The truth is that it was a combination of things—mostly little things—that came together to support health and vitality.

With this in mind, what "little thing" can you do that would help you take one step closer to better health (or better performance, or greater longevity, or whatever your goal is)?

Let me know on I'd love to hear from you and continue the discussion here


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