PSA Levels and the Prostate

A ONE A DAY FORMULA for all conditions of prostate health


PSA is a protein made in the Prostate and a simple blood test with your GP will give you an accurate reading of this.Using the number the results of your test show, and other information of your general health that will determine if it is raised what this may mean to you.Raised PSA levels is not always caused by prostate cancer as there are numerous other causes,as with anEnlarged or inflamed Prostate, just had a digital exam with the Doc, vigorous bike riding as anything overly stimulating the prostate will increase the reading yes possible even that so plan your moment.Your Doctor will determine which PSA levels are more closely associated with the development of prostate cancer.If after further test an enlargement is found a good one a day for this condition would need to containing high strength saw palmetto to reduce the size , zinc to stop the regrowth, nettle to stop irregularity, Pumpkin seed and Lycopene, as all in the O2b healthy one a day formula, this is recommended to maintain good prostate health generally with all conditions .If further test have been done and Cancer has been established a professional liquid formula may be made up for you, so check with our store by emailing with your information from your specialist at the contact us on our website.no charge is made for information.Prostate Cancer due to its containment in the gland is generally slow growing by comparison to other forms and takes longer to invade adjacent tissue and spread out of itself.
Other elements that are known to be useful with the diet with these conditions are.
Pomegranate seed juice, lightly steamed Broccoli, Curcumin turmeric to reduce inflammation, Cinnamon in drinks of white or Green Tea, or a [Selenium ace formula] .all of these foods plus the supplement would aid in the reduction of possible why it is high. Hormonal Balance in general Ladies I have found that you guys need to remember that you are not all high estrogen females and that some of you are in fact Progesterone fun loving tomboys and need to be treated differently,there is information on this on our website hormonal page on www.thepotlot.co.nzSee You next time.


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