Another years gone bye

Yet another Christmas and another New Year has arrived, thy are beginning to feel like just weeks and I am certain someone is winding up the speed dial or is that just an age thing.
I am as you know not really someone that believes in living up to others expectations or doing things according to the structured labeled commercially thought out way of life particularly in my profession ,whether it is the medical drug driven sector or the so-called alternative supplement driven one.
Doctors and we have some of the most caring guys around given the limited amount of time that thy have to rush you guys through it is a wonder that thy are able to keep up with what really is the conditions that you have fortunately I have chosen a small town to do my thing in and generally have enough time for me to do it the way I see it mainly trying to balance people's input to match their output of what they do with their day and most importantly who thy are and how thy react to life's challenges .
Due to the highly competitive market of heath supplements and good or bad food recommendations that are mainly used to sell you alternative ones or supplements to cure the new label that thy have found or created for you , there is therefore masses of confusing information that one day this is bad for you the next it is not ..
If what you just eat makes you want to throw up, or makes you feel slow and sluggish don't eat it again for a while ,if there are so called good for you things and you don't like them ,its easy don't eat them ,your body is telling you something listen to it, everyone is different and guys please stop collecting condition labels as generally thy are given to you so that you go off and live with it when it is far better to ask why do I have it as most of them have little to do with the real reason for them . .
As we all are aware we all are special and very different individuals and it is that difference that we need to treat in a specific why so that we stay balanced ,we will not get there by swallowing lots of so called super foods and mountains of supplements , only by correctly balancing the YOU. will you most of the time feel the way that you think you should
Do as many of the things you love to do in your work and play ,get rid of excess baggage and demanding footprints that stress you or just slow you down.but please before throwing out your guy and the kids balance yourself ,with the correct nutrition and the right supplement that works for you keeping plenty of old fashioned basic home cooked food and avoid most of the pre-cooked and pre-made meats and sausages from your general diet .eat natural butter is more , Margarine is less , True Yogurt has no sugar or fruit in it or the good bacteria is killed by the sugar within 4 hours of it being made and becomes a dairy sweet only
In fact stay of sugary foods and drinks and you will not go far wrong .
Add the remedies to balance who you are and then ones to mop up the damage done when you was not, and the go back to just using yourself balancing formula .
Yes do go out to a reliable restaurant for a meal and have the odd drink as haveing fun with your day is good for you .
The main breakdown to find who you are is going to be on our facebook just to give you a simple focus on some of how your bodies react.Have a good NEW YEAR every day is special have fun with your loved ones this year


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