Holiday eating and weight survival guide

Hello everyone,

No wonder people are ready to change their habits in January! After 6-weeks of extra treats, extra stress, and bending or breaking health habits, your body is ready to for a reset.

You can enjoy the holidays!
With a few clever strategies, and creative recipes, you can enjoy the holidays and still have a healthy start to your new year:
  • without the health roller coaster
  • without the extra 5 lbs
  • without the digestion flare ups
  • without the stress overload
  • without throwing your blood sugar out of whack
Get my 38 page, colorful Paleo Holiday Survival Guide and Recipe eBook.

New Year Challenge Raffle
Everyone who gets the free Holiday eBook will also be entered to win a free membership in our upcoming New Year, New You 14Four challenge starting in January ($47 value). I'm giving away 10 memberships.

14Four is a great jumpstart to your year with everything you need to refocus not only on healthy eating, but also on healthy sleep, stress management, and movement. Join us for 14 rejuvenating days that will prepare you for a great year!

Remember the 80/20 Rule
It's okay to go a little 'off plan' during the holidays. All of us here at ChrisKresser.com are strong proponents of the 80/20 rule, and oftentimes the stress over avoiding foods plus the guilt that happens when you've allowed yourself to indulge can be worse for your health than just eating the food itself! A great mantra to keep in mind is this: it's better to eat the wrong food with the right attitude than the right food with the wrong attitude.

That said, I want you to be smart about how you indulge so that you continue to feel good and have an easier time getting back on track in the new year. So, take a look at the survival guide - have your (gluten free) cake and eat it, too!

In health,
Chris Kresser

P.S. When you go download the Holiday Guide eBook, you'll be given your own personal link to share this eBook for free with friends and family.


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