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 This one has adaptions that you are able to adjust the sounds color in many ways use them freely but I recommend doing one type for a full meditation and then changing it next time

Have fun with your calming tools. Basic guidelines for enacting healthy, conscious breathing: Sit with excellent posture without straining any muscles. Inhale and exhale through the nose with the mouth closed. Breathe deep and slow without forcing your inhales or exhales. Breathing should be smooth and naturally rhythmic, never erratic or choppy. Fill your lower lungs first, then mid-lungs and your upper lungs last. Touch your tongue lightly to the roof of your mouth. Allow natural pauses to happen between each inhale and exhale. Conscious breathing happens when you think "breathe in" or "breathe out.

Let go and enjoy yourself.

Mindfulness Mysticism

It is very easy to start a daily meditation practice at home. Follow the simple instructions below on how to calmly abide on your breath and meditation will become effortless and natural. The best place to start meditation is out of kindness for ourselves and kindness for others. This comes from understanding the enormous health benefits from daily meditation practice. I recommend a 20 minute daily sitting meditation and also to infuse a non-judgmental mindfulness into your daily life. You may prefer to try one of my guided meditations [top right ] to help get you started, recorded live from my weekly classes. Set a regular time to meditate everyday. The art of meditation is to center yourself into naturally abiding open awareness.


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