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Hi everyone,

If I get hit by a truck, by all means, take me to the emergency room. Conventional healthcare is still the best thing we have for an emergency. But we can't count on it, right now, for advice about how to prevent or reverse chronic disease.

If we want to live happier, healthier lives, we need to reinvent healthcare. That is my passion—what I'm committed to doing—and it's why I'm happy to be part of the Evolution of Medicine Summit.

This year, I'm one of the keynote speakers, and when you register for free, you get immediate access to both keynote presentations. In my presentation, "Healthcare from Scratch," I'll discuss why and how we can totally reframe our entire notion of healthcare to achieve far greater quality of life and stem the tide of chronic disease.

Then, between September 21-28, you'll get free access to the other 32 amazing speakers.

Here are a few of the incredible experts who will speak at the Evolution of Medicine Summit:
  • David Perlmutter, MD, The Gut, Brain and Chronic Disease
  • Rangan Chatterjee, MD, The Doctor of the Future
  • Mark Sisson, Hidden Genetic Switches
This is not just for healthcare professionals; the concepts that will be covered in the summit impact us all. If you'd like to learn more about how you can take control of your health and promote a more empowered, proactive, participatory health care system, please take a look at the Evolution of Medicine Summit.

In Health,
Chris Kresser

P.S. There's also going to be some great raffles leading up to the summit. Once you register, look for an email from them about the great wellness prizes they are giving away.
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