If you have these 10+ Characteristics You have the worlds Rarest Personality

You Have These 10+ Characteristics, You Belong To The World’s Rarest Personality

Have you heard of the Myer Briggs personality assessment?
It comprises 4 categories and two expressions, which overall has a
spectrum of 16 different personality types. This assessment is used from
everything from personal development, dating, hiring and in between.
INFJ stands for introversion, intuition, feeling and judging

The INFJ is the rarest personality type, with just about 1-3 percent of the population expressing this unique makeup. Here are some of the characteristics and key traits that are associated with this group of people.

They Like to Write

INFJ people are not big talkers. They might write
creatively for fun, or prefer to communicate with words on email or text
instead of speaking. Writing brings them peace because it is an
organized way to show how they feel.

They Tend to Overthink

They have the tendency to think, a lot, about what’s
going on, and to relate it to themselves. INFJs will also keep a lot of
what they feel and think to themselves, which can mean that they’ll
rethink the same things. In a social situation, they are analyzing,
playing out potential outcomes and going over it again and again.

Their mentality is all or nothing

INFJS will prioritize quality over quantity. When they do
something, they commit to it and will not settle for second best. They
believe that their time is valuable, and everything they work towards is

INFJS have trouble expressing what they feel

Although they might have plenty of thoughts and feelings,
putting these into words can prove to be a challenge for the INFJ.
Their inner world is so rich that bringing it out to show other people
can prove to be difficult. For them, it is like exposing their soul.
They don’t take conversations lightly and every word has meaning when
you are talking to an INFJ.

They spend time alone

An INFJ has learned to be self reliant. They will take
themselves out for coffee or for a walk, and in the process will get to
know themselves and thus the world around them better. They don’t feel
alone while doing this, and for them it is a form of self care.

They’ll fit in anywhere

An INFJ is sensitive to the environment around them, and
they have the ability to fit in wherever they go.  INFJs are flexible
and can find their place in a crowd. This ability is one of their

They are sensitive and empathetic

An INFJ might like to make art, or have a soft spot for
animals or children. An INFJ takes powerful movies or books to heart,
and they are the definition of an empath. An INFJ is a generous and
caring person, and can see things from other people’s perspective. No
matter what they’re facing, they would never cause another person pain.

They’re choosy about their friends

An INFJ really loves the people around them, and because
of this has a group of friends that is carefully selected. They choose
their friends for their amazing qualities and ability to get along. An
INFJ can be a private person, and value respect as well as their need
for alone time.

They’re motivated by truth

An INFJ is also known as an advocate.
They get down to the bottom of things and are motivated by the truth.
They can use this information to improve their lives and the lives of
people around them. An INJF will delve into the secrets of the universe
in order to better understand the world.

INFJs trust their intuition

A gut feeling is more than just a feeling to them.
They’re able to sense when something is amiss, and it helps them
navigate the world. They also use their gut to make decisions based on
what feels right for them in every situation.

Understanding the key components of what makes
people tick and motivates them is the best way to get to know yourself
and others better. INFJs are a rare bunch and they have a lot to offer


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