The Universe is waiting

by Chris

5 Hints The Universe Is Waiting For You

A psychic once said, "The Universe is waiting for you to tell it what you want." I had wandered into a tarot card reading shop one day while I was out walking my dog. I was going through a very difficult time in my life. My dad was sick with a terminal illness and I felt lost. As I was being swept away by my emotions and the uncertainty of what the future would hold, the psychic told me exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.
The Universe is always with you and listening
The first step toward living your life easily and effortlessly, aligned with the flow of the Universe, is simple: Tell the Universe what you want! The Universe is always with you and listening. It's patiently waiting to facilitate your manifestations and to co-create your best possible life.
Here are five signs the Universe is waiting for you, ready for you to tell it what you want
1. You are reacting rather than being present to what is.
If you're feeling swept away with each fleeting moment, rather than being firmly grounded to the earth (energetically and figuratively), you are adrift. You may experience symptoms such as daydreaming, feeling spaced-out, sick, clumsy or forgetful. Perhaps you lack focus, are irritable or are physically, emotionally or spiritually drained. You carelessly move through your day-to-day life as though external experiences seem to happen to you, without any seeming order or control.
2. You are harboring negative emotions.
The body is governed by powerful emotions, which govern how we react in each moment. But the Spirit or soul of the body is made up of pure positive energy, and is completely accepting and non-judgmental of every moment.
The Spirit understands there is an ebb and flow to life and not every moment is going to be a positive one. The perceived negative points in life (ebb) are a gift for us to learn from, so that we may better appreciate the positive (flow). The Spirit does not experience negative emotions in response to the ebb, as it is only capable of expressing love and acceptance.
If you are continuously harboring negative emotions, your mind is ruling your heart and is drowning out the voice of your Spirit. This is a sign that you are ready to listen to the voice of the Universe.
3. You are in resistance to what is.

Negative emotions such as fear, anger and resentment, are a symptom ofresistance to the present moment. Fear signifies we are focused on the future and are fearful of the potential of experiencing pain — physical, emotional or spiritual. Anger and resentment signify a preoccupation of the past — anger or resentment of a past experience that happened to us.

If you are focusing on the future or the past, you are not living in the present. This is a sign you are ready to align with your Spirit in the present moment.

4. You feel lost.

You're in a constant state of uncertainty and confusion, questioning which direction to take. Divine interventions and meaningful coincidences will pass you by undiscovered. The Universe is on your side and is encouraging you to course-correct in every moment, however it all goes by unnoticed.

You are unaware of your spiritual purpose and the path to find it is hazy and unclear. You grasp blindly around you seeking answers, even though each and every answer you seek is already inside of you. This is a sign you are ready to uncover the truth.

5. You are indecisive.

You're constantly faced with indecision, unsure of which step to take next and which route to follow. You blindly ask your friends and family for their advice, leaning on them to help you make your own decisions. You constantly finding forks in the road along your path and are never sure which direction to take. Wherever you are, you feel as if there's somewhere else you need to be, however you can't figure out exactly where that is.

You do not recognize the importance of the journey, and are only focused on the destination. This is a sign you are ready to walk your spiritual path.

If you're still unsure where to begin, affirmations are a great way to initiate a conversation with the Universe. Affirmations are most powerful when said aloud, rather than thinking them as thoughts. Start right now by simply reciting, "I trust in the Universe and release all resistance to what is. I joyfully align with the flow of the Universe." Give it a try ... amazing results will follow, I promise.

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