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Posted in Nature Women All Have the Same Freckle On Their Wrist and It’s Freaking People Out

Posted on May 30, 2019

Twitter user Los_Writer recently took to the social media platform to prove that almost everyone had
a mark from where they got stabbed with a pencil as a kid. The tweet
received thousands of responses with people sharing photos of their
battle wounds.

And now, it appears that most women also have something else in
common. A few days ago, Twitter user Aaryn Whitely posted photos of her
wrist, along with the wrists of a few friends, and made the claim that
every woman has a freckle in the middle of their wrist.

“Ladies… you got a freckle on the middle of your wrist or is this a myth,” Aaryn asked.

As it turns out, a lot of women had a freckle in the same exact
place. The tweet has so far received over 20,000 retweets and 50,000
likes. Over 9000 comments were sent in reply, with many women sharing
photos of their own freckles.

“I also have one on my left wrist but it isn’t perfectly centered like this one,” one user wrote.

It’s fair to say that people were pretty shocked by the discovery.

“I mean I guess,” one user joked. Only to have another user point out
that they did indeed have a darker freckle in the middle of their

Well, this seems pretty crazy. Do you have a freckle in the middle of your wrist 


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