Grumpy ,growing pains, Cramp ,irregular heartbeats, sleep,


Cramp, growing pains, grumpy, irregular heartbeats , palpitations , sleep,
Try Calcium Magnesium powder for children and adults that now breaks down in water ,purchased from our store or from www.thepotlot.co.nz there
are many reasons to take a good low calcium with a high absorption
magnesium Complex mineral formula helpful in assisting with  bones,
period pains, headaches ,cramp and may help in quietening the  mind and
so it will generally help sleep patterns if taken half an hour or so
before bed . The Pot Lot Calcium Magnesium is a 250 gm powder 
1/4 - 1/2 to one level teaspoon taken daily and is recommended for active bone
growing people. or people that have difficulty swallowing pills.
Growing and teething pains cramp irregular heartbeats  is evidence that the body is not getting enough minerals


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