Balanced immune system for winter

Winter ailments and the immune system balance

Many individual high strength natural immune ingredients can actually aggravate autoimmune conditions because they contain ingredients that stimulate the immune system even further. This is okay if the immune system is under-active, but if the immune system is overactive, as seen in those with allergies and autoimmune diseases, you don't want to stimulate it further with immune stimulating herbs. This is because with autoimmune diseases the immune system goes into overdrive and starts attacking the body's own healthy organs and tissues. This generally occurs due to the immune system not switching off its response after an infection and the immune cells no longer communicating properly. The symptoms are similar to allergies caused by a hypersensitivity reaction to a substance either in the diet or environment, Winter ailments and conditions Naturally the weaknesses of each individual will be different depending on their general makeup, constitution ,and general health, so the information with regards to say an asthmatic or someone with a lung condition would in fact require a formula for protecting that area and to naturally balance the immune system like the popular the pot lot Virus Guard caps, this has a combination of herbs and natural ingredients to assist with a balanced form of protection. .For colds and flu that you have caught use the liquid famous Virus /immune two hourly for two days to nail the sucker .I still maintain that the best protection is to balance the body, so you require a nutritional formula that puts into your body at the right content and at the correct time [twice daily breakfast and lunch ]This will top up your good mixed basic diet that you have , is I believe the best way to protect and balance who you are and what you do with your day .it is important .If your present formula is a high strength one a day type one I would recommend that you break it in half and do them twice daily or half the nutrition in it will be gone by lunchtime from your body down the Loo,this is due to the water soluble nature of the vitamins and minerals ,better to use our balanced Stress B Complex.I tend to use warming foods for breakfast on cold days like organic rolled Oats with a little millet flour mixed in and then you are able to add all those yummy supper foods that you guys enjoy once it is cook on top ,on warmer days I add precooked brown rice to this as it is blood cooling .Breakfast is an important fuel stop particularly if like Di and I you have your main meal midday on really cold days we add some homemade wheat free toasted bread ,Generally speaking food eaten early in the day will get used up by the actions of your activity's .If you was to fill your car with petrol at night and put it away it will still be full in the morning just like your bodies .eating good food is part of the joys of life do it at the right time stay active and you will stay warm healthy and happy .Keep it simple, it doesn't have to be a worry as that is more likely to make you unwell than anything. I will be putting some of the basic and simple ways to stay on top of things .


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