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Strengthen the immune system

It is a question often asked around this time of year particularly in changeable weather 

One needs to look at what makes an immune system strong or in our terms balanced 

1] Firstly it will depend on how your emotional body reacts to infomation it receives as an overreaction emotional response will often blow a fuse if you like and the immune system will not protect you well at all ,so it is important that the who you are and what you do with your day is balanced correctly, 

In this case it would be to feed and balance the nervous system so that your response is in better balance with what is going on around you. as a daily nerve multi use The Pot Lots Stress B Complex formula  

If you are prone to a debilitating condition and require constant protection use 

The Pot Lot Viro guard capsules once a day 90 caps $26.50  or more often if you have corrections to be made

If you have not been doing so then the virus immune liquid formula two hourly for two days then as required three times daily and stop   .

More questions answered tomorrow

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