Sensitive Fellers

It has been one of the most fascinating discoveries of my career to learn that those who get sick, and specifically mentally ill, are the canaries in the coal mine.

In other words, psych patients and the medicated among us are the most sensitive beings on this planet. They are sensitive to our toxic lifestyles including industrial exposures and nutrient deficiency. But, critically, they are sensitive to toxic relationships.
As a part of the healing process, my patients have to learn how to navigate relationships that are making them sick and draining them of their life force. This can involve establishing boundaries, or sometimes parting ways.
My dear friend, the legendary Dr. Christiane Northrup has just created an essential resource for you, as a highly sensitive person, or empath as she calls you.
Start here with a quiz to find out what kind of empath you are!
Once you know, you can:
Protect yourself and your sensitive, attractive energy field from potential predators.
Develop and hone your intuitive skills.
Avoid depleting foods and activities.
Choose relationships that nourish, rather than drain your expansive energy.
Empaths are like walking tuning forks who pick up the energy (good or bad) in the world around them. If you are an empath, you can become drained if you do not know how to protect yourself and use your skills. Knowing what kind of empath you are can be like discovering a hidden superpower and learning to use it for good.
The world needs more awakened empaths, so head on over to Dr. Christiane Northrup’s quiz now!

Yours in health,

Kelly Brogan, MD

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